Sourav Ganguly Reveals Biggest Complaint Virender Sehwag Has Had About His Leadership


The name of former Indian cricketer Sourav Ganguly will always be considered in the list of best Indian captains that cricket has ever experienced. Fans would always cherish the Sourav Ganguly moment during the Natwest Series Final in 2002, where he removed his India jersey and waved it from the Lord’s balcony to celebrate India’s win. However, the former Indian cricketer had also revealed a complaint that Virender Sehwag had about one of his decisions during Ganguly’s tenure as captain.

Sehwag's selection in playing XI of the Indian team

In 2018, Sourav Ganguly had given an informal interview on the fan favourite show, “Breakfast with Champions”, hosted by television presenter Gaurav Kapur. During the interview, Ganguly recalled the story about how Virender Sehwag was given the position of an opener in the Indian team. While narrating the incident, he recalled that the management was hesitant to include Sehwag in the playing XI against South Africa in 2001. However, Dada went with his instinct and included Sehwag after which he went on to score a century in his debut match.

Virender Sehwag's complaint to Sourav Ganguly

Later, Ganguly narrated that the combination for the middle order wasn’t sitting right, due to which he asked Sehwag to open for the team. Sehwag was hesitant to open as he always played at the number 5 or 6 position for his domestic team. He went on to score a century as an opener in the second Test of the 2002 England tour. Ganguly further recalled that Sehwag used to always complain to him about not letting him play in the middle order, to which Dada used to answer that the Virender Sehwag that people know of today, is all because of the change as an opener.

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