Khiladi Akshay Kumar's Unique Way Of Expressing Love For Her Sister


On the occassion of friendship day comes this tweet that will change your world. But for a change this time it's not Khiladi Akshay Kumar. It's his sister that is talking to the audience about their relationship.

Her way of expressing about this man as an elder brother makes a lot of difference. She explains how after their father left them at a very young age Akshay became the strongest pillar of his family.

She was always confused about his one statement that she realised about later when she started parenting her own daughter. This one line that used to puzzle her mind earlier made a lot of sense now after so many years.

One simple line that Akshay Kumar always told her sister when she was in worry or some trouble, "Apna dhyaan khud rakhein." This not only tells how modern thinker he is but also clears that he respects women as an equal.

Watch the #DirectDilSe video here:



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