Snehal Thakur's Murderer's Still Free


Its been three months and still the Navi Mumbai cops haven't been able to arrest the accuse of Snehal Thakur's murder case. Snehal's husband Atul Thakur and his family are missing since 23rd September and there has been no develpment in the case too.     

All of it started with parents arranging a wedding with mutual consent of Snehal Thakur and Atul Thakur on 08th May 2014. The marriage looked well and within a few years they had a lovely son. But between this, there was another story that always kept Snehal into pain and trouble.

There were multiple instances of the Atul exploiting his wife Snehal due to varied reasons. It never developed and came up as she tried to content it within herself without even revealing about this to her parents. Thinking that she'll change things with love she went through all the suffering.

This suffering started growing up to an extent wherein her parents got to realize about her physical and mental assaults by her husband. Her parents tried to console her and help her deal with it by fulfilling all his demands time and again. However, this became a habit for Atul and his family and it increased with time.

Even after having a child his behaviour was irrational and careless towards his wife and even the son. His needs and anger ate up the humanity in him and one day he called up Snehal's parents to take her away or else she loses her life. They were worried about the 2-year-old son and were thinking how to resolve things.

Meanwhile, they get call from Atul's Father Yashwant Thakur saying that Snehal has hung herself and is no more. This had shaken up Snehal's family and they rushed to her. Following that Yashwant Thakur again called Shehal's family and asked them to directly come to MGM Hospital, Kamothe were they saw that her body was kept there like an orphan and there's nobody to look after. 

Later the Cops took the body to a government hospital for autopsy where Snehal's father Harishchandra Mhatre found Yashwant Thakur taking to doctors about PM. He felt something is fishy in there and therefore he informed the cops that he will take the body to J. J . Hospital for post-mortem.

After hearing that Thakur came to Mhatre and tried to threaten him. he said, " I am the vice president of BJP and you can do nothing here and handed over Snehal's son Ayaan to him. 

They were not allowed to take Snehal's corpse as there was a need of filing a Police Complaint. Officials on duty at the Kalamboli Police Station refused to take their complaint. On being questioned they suggested that it is just a family matter and it should be sorted within the families.

This was political influence or personal concern, is something that is not so hard to tell. It was 2 in the morning and the struggle at the Police Station was never-ending. After a few calls they agreed to lodge a complaint. Only after this, the body was released the next day.

The reports were looking suspicious and more time was needed for detailed results. With time a truth came up that Snehal's body was brought to hospital by her husband. When doctors enforced him to get the Police he fled away and then his parents called Snehal's place to take her corpse away.

Snehal's family tried to talk to Atul and see where was her mistake and what had actually happened to her but he is still missing. The reports showed that she's got injuries on her head and her back which signifies that she's been through assault.

On being asked by media professionals, now Police is assuring that actions are being taken but Atul's family has fled away. This incident is still fresh on Snehal's family. They are worried about the future of their 2-year-old grandson and no justice to Snehal is a pain that pricks their hearts with agony.

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