Sajo Sundar's Film X Videos Is Ready For The Audience 


Sajo Sundar, who is very famous for working as an associate director on many successful Tamil films, is now full-fledged  ready to make his directorial debut with a bilingual film, X Videos based on the subject of pornography.

His life journey is as inspiring as his way of working. The director had once dreamed of becoming a businessman but gave up that idea due to lack of wealth. However, the man never lost hopes on life and destiny got him into the film industry. Sajo Sundar began his film career with Mr. Ashok Kumar as an assistant screenwriter. He later went onto work as an assistant director in films likeKanagavel KaakkaSignam and Banglore Naatkal.

Speaking about his initial life of film making career and his debut film, the director says, "After working with popular film makers, I began directing ad films. But that never gave me inner satisfaction as I always wished to make an out and out commercial, enjoyable and entertaining movie. I never got impatient and the moment I got the perfect idea, I decided to make my first film as a director."

Talking about the whole idea of the film he says, "As I told you earlier, I always wanted to make a full-fledged commercial and entertaining film. I was looking for an interesting idea which I finally got when I was surfing on the internet. What I saw was extremely shocking. I came across a semi-naked video clip of a woman who I knew very well. That woman is the wife of a very good friend of mine. I haven’t told about that video to my friend, which still exists on internet."

He further explains, "This situation made me research more and more on the subject. I had to dig deep for information related to X Videos. I then got familiar with a fact that many couples who keep their personal moments in their mobile phones in form of videos get circulated due to the peer we have around. This happens in such a vicious manner that in no time you are on porn websites without you knowing about it. I took my call to work on this subject and talk to people with a commercial movie. Instead of sounding preachy or indirectly sensationalizing it I took this method to spread awareness and make people more careful about their actions. I am just doing my bit in the society and trying to keep the dirt away from all the people who have to go through the suffering or embarrassment."

As the director Sajo Sundar was summing it up he mentioned, “The film is a bilingual film. We simultaneously shot it in Tamil and Hindi. I wanted to shoot it in English also, but I did not have enough money to do so.”

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