Maanvi Gagroo Applauds The Critics’ Choice Award For Acknowledging Web Content In Their Upcoming Edition 


The Critics' Choice Short Film awards were a great success last year as it celebrated the great work done in the short films across languages and quarters of the country during last year. In the latest update, The Critics' Choice Awards have gone a notch higher as they have decided to acknowledge and recognise Indian Web origin content across platforms and languages this year as an addition to their awards category.

One of the big names in the OTT space is Maanvi Gagroo. The actress spoke about the addition of web series to the Critics' Choice Awards.

Maanvi shares, "I have been following FCG since its inception, it is good to see upcoming artists receive recognition for their work and this year they are adding web series to their categories which is just amazing. The quality and quantity of web series in India has blown up in the last two years, we have seen some major path-breaking content being released. So it's just a cherry on top and a really nice move by the creators of the FCG to be adding web series as a category in the awards.

“I think it’s high time because there is a lot consumption of web series and digital content.. And there’s a lot Great stuff happening.I do think we need to acknowledge good content no matter what medium it is.. only then we can have more such content.. only then can we expect to spoilt for choice in a good way and so this is the best kind of encouragement.” Maanvi Gagroo further adds.

The awards will be a celebration of the best of Indian produced content and along with it, web series that will not be limited to just one language but will include entries from across the nation.

In December 2018, the Film Critics Guild and Motion Content Group collaborated to announce one of its kind Critics Choice Short Film Awards which features a panel comprising of India's top film critics. The first edition of the awards was a major success amongst the masses and it is safe to say that this time around, we will see more quality content being presented by artists across the nation. And the addition of web series into the award categories just increases the scope for quality content.

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