Jemma Lucy and Chantelle Connelly's Lesbian Love Affair Gets Fiery

Jemma Lucy and Chantelle Connelly.jpg

This hot lesbian relationship took a pace when a steamy naked photo shoot happened between the two. It went viral and people were left loads of shock.

Before this relationship between these woman was a gossip story Chantelle Connelly was heard and seen to be with Geordie Shore. But it came to an end with the beginning of this affair.

One fine day comes news that this relationship was something else. People's expectations and assumptions were just not ready to settle down.

"Just to let everyone know the whole me and @jem_lucy relationship was [a] laugh since the papers started it we rode it and had the last laugh. I ain't a lesbian." she tweeted while revealing facts about her showmance.

A foul-mouthed rant is now becoming an everyday's event for both of them. One of them was about being with Kanye West and Ashley Cole when she mentioned, 'She's been saying loads of s**t to get in there. She said she's been with Kanye West and Ashley Cole. I was like, "God, she'll say anything". I think she's made it all up.'

The trolls, puns and ranting give adrenaline rush to her is what she said aloud while also saying, "Was a stripper and proud!! Don’t mean you don’t have morals. Small-minded hating b****es. Kiss my stripper ass."

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