About Us

Of course, you judged us by jasoosiya! We are happy about it. We love comments because that is what leads you to good feedbacks. Definitely we are not a porno site but yeah, we love food porn.

Eat Wisely

It’s a great fun activity and the joy of making is what makes it cooler than other things. Just like cooking we love writing because we are a bunch of talkers and even social media stalkers. Talking about movies, actors, directors, writers and all the other great guys around it is what we find interesting.

Keep Moving

New activities keep happening around the globe. We are always into everything that is important to a local, a jasoosiya! It’s not a man or a woman. Every person on the planet earth is a jasoosiya. With the braided hair of a Red Indian head, we try and say it clearer.

Start Innovating

The hair resembles our roots that wash away all the prejudices related to sex, colour, race, caste, creed or culture. The only race that we love to run is, in sports. We don’t just run, we swim, we jump, we aim, we shoot and we fight. We do it all and a lot more. We share the joy with a sportsman spirit.

Stay Real

Being someone else is like an apple wanting to be a blackberry. Be you, the true you - is the only mantra we believe in! That is how you learn to dream and then, dream to learn better and grow for good. This is the way we aim to develop the perfect lifestyle tip for you.

Improve Affairs

The boundaries defined to govern you, keeps you away from some good and some bad things. Understanding these lines better to stay together is how we see politics. This learning curve needs all of us with our opinions at one juncture.

Find Entertainment

It’s a word that is not just about gossips. Photos, videos, jokes, shayari or travel, it can be anything that you enjoy doing. Something that is career for you might be someone’s education or general knowledge fascination. The beginning to a new you happens when you are entertained!

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